October 25, 2016

Short Run 2016! 2 new books

Forty-Two is a collaborative zine by Mita Mahato, Emilie Bess, and me!
We are all the same age and this zine explores what being in our 40's means. 
Contains 30 pages of comics and essays. $6 

From Paul Constant at Seattle Review of Books:  "But maybe the star of the whole convention for me was Forty Two, an anthology comic by Mahato, Emilie Bess, and Short Run cofounder Kelly Froh. Forty Two is a collection of short pieces about becoming middle-aged women — there’s a lot of accidental urination involved, and also some weird body hair. Mahato reflects on how difficult it is to be a woman of color “watching brown people on TV growing up” — mostly stereotypes like Tattoo from Fantasy Island — and recalling some of the terrible things people have said to and about her, including “You’re not the kind of diversity people are interested in,” and “Mommy why is she so dark?” Each of the pages in this fanzine-style collection reveals something new about the act of growing older as a woman, and the three cartoonists goad each other into having a lot of fun. Forty Twoseems to me to be the perfect use of the zine medium: it feels like a personal document, like a handwritten letter. It’s so confessional, and so fun, and so celebratory, that it can pick a reader up even when it feels as though the world is burning down..."

Senior Time is an illustrated chapbook designed by Michael Heck 
and printed by Cold Cube Press. 

Pick up both books at Short Run Comix and Arts Festival, happening
Saturday, Nov. 5th at Fisher Pavilion! 

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