February 12, 2013

Auto-bio mini-comics/comics/zines/art books

 I recently taught my first 3-hour workshop at The Richard Hugo House. I started off the class with some "best of" pages from my auto-bio collection. I wanted to re-post the list here, in case anyone wanted some recommendations of some seriously good reads.

Barry Scanlan, True Story! #5
 John Porcellino, King Cat comics & stories #38 (The Sammy Issue)
Eroyn Franklin, Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory
Jennifer Williams, Who Loves You More Than Anything?
Max Clotfelter, Stew Brew #3
Greg Means, Clutch
Lynda Barry, The Freddie Stories
Jason Martin, Laterborn #4
Joey Alison Sayers, Just So You Know #1
Vanessa Davis, Spaniel Rage
Robyn Jordan, 17 Weddings
Melinda Tracy Boyce & Aaron Whitaker, Okay? Okay!
Ben Snakepit, Snakepit #15
Gabrielle Bell, LA Diary
Sam Spina, Grandma Stories
Ben Claassen, Badly Drawn Comic Journal
Jerry Smith, Rattletrap #1
Jason Martin

Jerry Smith

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