October 2, 2012

Vancouver Weekend

 Robin (from Inkstuds) and Brian join us for lunch at The Rumpus Room on Main. 
 Inside Lucky's Comics.
 Janice outside Lucky's with her purchases!
 Inside the reading room at The Regional Assembly of Text. 
 Kanako and Brock with gifts from Max.
 Dear friends Joe, Kanako, Brock at Nuba Lebanese Cuisine. 
At Lynda Barry writing workshop! This photo is what we saw when we walked in! 
It was an incredible, life-changing experience for Janice and I. We learned some incredible writing exercises and I got some personal advice from Lynda that means so much to me. I walked out of there confident like never before! Click here to learn from Lynda:

 Lynda, Janice, and me!

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