April 18, 2011

Stumptown Weekend

We had the table directly in front of the men's bathroom, facing it and a brick wall.

Our table with covering conceived by Jason T. Miles.
My books for sale.
Our table fully stocked.

Table-mates Max and Jason.

Max outside Oregon Convention Center on MLK Way.
Me next to promo banner by Theo Ellsworth.

Max with Tim Goodyear.
Me, Sean Christianson, Theo Ellsworth (Dylan Williams in background!).
Jason concentrating, Zack Soto, Max.
Max and Tom Neely touching beards.
Back in Washington

A really good time at Stumptown, the best part once again was seeing so many friends and cool people. A very intense moment when we realized we left our money bag in the hotel room we just checked out of, and when I went to retrieve it, it had been stolen. The hotel was extremely uncooperative, and I had to get Max there, and then we had to call the police. We made such a scene in the lobby, and pretty much said we wouldn't be leaving without our money, then the money bag mysteriously showed up behind the couch in our room (which we never even went near!). What a bunch of scums. I bought a lot of books and traded a lot as well. Met Dave Kiersh in person for the first time (we've been pen-pals for 10 years!), got to hang out with out of town friends and see Jesse Reklaw's band perform at Backspace (after-party). A really nice 2 days in Portland, despite the crime.

Some other takes and wrap-ups.


  1. I'm sorry you guys had to be next to the bathrooms. Probably a lot of funny stories there. I'm glad you got your money back, it's always inspiring to hear people being assertive and standing up for themselves.

  2. Hi Aron - We got to talk to a lot of people that maybe would not have stopped at our table if not for seeing us staring at them as they exited the bathroom!
    That hotel walked all over me, but I brought in the big guns (Max), whose Southern-style temper scared them enough to make them give us back our money!
    Take care! Thanks for writing!